A Visual Guide to The Courts Pool and Tennis – A Mojave Desert Oasis

When Californian’s think of the desert, they usually imagine Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, or Coachella Valley. These trendy spots are clumped relatively close together in a quick hour and a half of each other. The Courts is not in this clump. The Courts demands an adventurous additional hour deep into the desert. Past palm treeContinue reading “A Visual Guide to The Courts Pool and Tennis – A Mojave Desert Oasis”

Ojai to San Luis Obispo – Highway 33 Road Trip Guide

I first heard about Ojai when I was living in San Luis Obispo, hearing rumors of a hippie enclave nestled in the hills near Ventura where celebrities go to escape LA. When travel restrictions had me wanting to explore more of my own backyard, I decided it was time to pay this little town aContinue reading “Ojai to San Luis Obispo – Highway 33 Road Trip Guide”

10 Best Airbnb Cabins in California – Under $150

Spring is just around the corner, so book one of these cute cabins to get cozy while we still have the winter weather! Book with this code to get $55 off your first trip. Click Here! 1. Amazing Bass Lake /Yosemite Getaway Cabin This cabin sleeps 10 and is 16 miles to Yosemite National ParkContinue reading “10 Best Airbnb Cabins in California – Under $150”

Must-See Sights in Big Sur

Big Sur is the most beautiful place on the planet. Hands down. I went to college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo which is about 1 hour south of Big Sur. My friend who is from the area planned a group trip to Big Sur and I had no idea what I was in for.Continue reading “Must-See Sights in Big Sur”

Exploring Gold Country – Sutter Creek

My family lives a short 25 minutes away from some of California‚Äôs cutest and most well preserved gold rush towns. Walking the oak lined streets of Sutter Creek makes you feel like going back in time. Although, the food scene takes notes from its Farm to Fork Capitol neighbor with updated, bright restaurants with localContinue reading “Exploring Gold Country – Sutter Creek”