A Visual Guide to The Courts Pool and Tennis – A Mojave Desert Oasis

When Californian’s think of the desert, they usually imagine Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, or Coachella Valley. These trendy spots are clumped relatively close together in a quick hour and a half of each other. The Courts is not in this clump. The Courts demands an adventurous additional hour deep into the desert. Past palm tree forests, date farms, expansive desert scenes, reservation land, and the Salton Sea, The Courts is a destination in itself. The drive from Palm Desert takes you through bumpy Anzo Borrego State Park to the small town of Borrego Springs which with its 50s style diners and mid-century modern gas station, feels like it is out of the movie Cars. When you finally arrive at The Courts, you are in need of a refreshment and a snack, which they will be happy to serve you at their eclectic desert modern styled bar and lobby. They have an all yellow room for relaxing and reading a book, several tennis courts, a pool with views of the mountains, a tiled hot tub, and a basketball court. Every space is cooler than the next. Here is a visual guide to this Mojave desert oasis.

Here is the link to The Courts website to find more information!

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